Olivera Cavrić is born in Skopje in 1978. Graduated painting and graphic design in 2003. from Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, the Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Painting in the class of prof. Dušan Perčinkov. Member of HDLU – Croatian Association of Visual Artists. Today lives and work in Zagreb.


In my work, I use
classical painting and digital graphic techniques. Acrylic and dry pastel combined with photography, text and stamp transfer (Xerox) technique.

The main focus in my work is the challenges of individuals in modern society, more precisely the influence of the rational versus the intuitive. Sometimes I use repetition in the form of a mantra that can occupy our minds with the belief that in this way we can step out of our rational maze. The mantra can be a simple countdown or a text message, direct, which aims to encourage or stimulate action. Sometimes it is enough to just admit that everything is ok and find peace and contentment in yourself. My work aims to represent universal happiness and beauty.



_ Work Experience _

2017. Olivera Cavric Studio, Zagreb – painter and graphic designer
2004.- 2017. Koncern Agram, Marketing department, Zagreb – graphic designer
2002.- 2004. Art Ulica 26, Skopje – graphic and video designer
1998.- 2000. MCMH, Skopje – volunteer Art Classes lecturer