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This work is part of a series of MOVIE SCREENS from 2021 and it is inspired by the movie Wings of Desire. Photographed sequences from the movie, processed with Wacom graphic pen in the Affinity Photo program is the process of creating this work. LIMITED EDITION of 10, Digital Media, Hand Signed and numbered by Artist. Print on paper, size 297 x 420 mm. All prints are shipped in a tube. Frame not included.

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Since 2016, I have been creating artworks that make a connection between our material and our spiritual life. I like to work on movie scenes that create associations with memories or scenes from our past lives. Such memories from past lives I have experienced in 2016 in hypnosis Life between lives. The artwork with integrated text conveys a clear message for the Viewer: wake up from “this dream” and wake up now. To wake up means to rise above the fears, to discard false values and wrong expectations that our mind creates so zealously and to which it traps us. Pure colours used on the artwork, represent life energy. Sometimes these are shown as scattered coloured dots across the figuration, and sometimes like large and flat undefined shapes. This way, I once again create a connection between the spiritual and the material.

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